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Zdravko Stafilov


The ViCES Project in Macedonia is the part for implementation of a videoconferencing infrastructure which covers 7 (seven) sites/universities with Polycom HDX 8000 codecs (platforms), plus a central Videoconferencing Management Centre. The management centre consists of Interconnect bridge server (Polycom RMX 1000), a Streaming and recording server (Polycom RSS 2000), and Converged management application server (Polycom CMA 4000). This paper addresses the successful implementation of this infrastructure, proves the quality, gives suggestions for overcoming some minor issues and network problems, as well as providing additional functionalities of the project overall, such as standardization of the QoS on the MARNET network, for internal usage and for interconnecting the videoconferencing system with the GEANT network. The paper also describes solutions for adding extra functionalities on the current platform with additional reconfiguration and ways to extend its capacity using other Polycom products such as the Video Media Centre server (Polycom VMC 1000).


videoconferencing, networks, implementation