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Drashko Nakik , Vladimir Trajkovik and Suzana Loshkovska


In this paper we want to represent the integration of two different and independent remote monitoring medical systems with a consultation sys- tem for physicians - Internet Medical Consultant (IMC). The first system is Cri- tical Homecare System (CHS) and the other one is Heartbeat Tracker (HT). The CHS systems monitors the vital signals for chronically ill, convalescents or elderly people with high risk of health disorder, while the HT monitors the heart function for people that go for outdoor physical activity. If integrated with the IMC, these two systems can provide valuable data to enrich the quality of consultations and decision made by its users. By this example the paper should emphasize the importance of medical systems integration towards creating in- formation rich consultations between physicians for improving the decision making process.


decision making, medical systems, consultation system, integra- tion, collaboration