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Dejan Aleksic , Dragan Jankovic and Leonid Stoimenov


This paper describes one realization of the attribute inheritance mechanism in specific CAD/CAM software package supporting the design and manufacturing of the facade carpentry. The facade carpentry is made out of a number of profiles and items together with the corresponding parts needed to join and assemble them known as profile system. Each entity in profile system can be described using the arbitrary number of attributes, and each attribute has its type and the momentary value from the list of possible values. Each entity in the profile system is described by arbitrary number of attributes and each attribute has its own type and momentary value from the list of possible values. Frequent repetition of the same attributes has been noticed within the hierarchically organized data which impedes the change of value of typical attributes resulting in extending the necessary space for storing data. The suggested attribute inheritance mechanism should solve these problems.


attribute inheritance, CAD/CAM database, object-relational mapping, OODB.