Aneta Mirceska , Vladimir Trajkovik and Katerina Ristevska


Location-awareness is a key issue for mobile and handheld computing and many people expect a high potential of location-based services as city guides or navigation systems for m-commerce. Mobile information retrieval is crucial to share the vast information and multimedia content. Mobile information retrieval has three challenges; mobile devices have a small display area, so, users are more interested in precision than in recall, also mobile device portability means users frequently change their interest with location and though wireless development is progressing; its response rate and mobile device processing ability are lower than for a wired network and PC. Several approaches are described and to meet these challenges, we propose keyword- based semantic mobile search system using ontology and location information using GPS module and map with mashup service. The objective is to combine all the good things about mobile technology while trying to avoid the shortcomings that come with it.


Location-based Service, Mobile Information Retrieval, Semantic Information Retrieval, Global Positioning System