Springer papers


Saso Koceski and Natasa Koceska


Games have been an important activity among people for many years, but it has never been as interesting to explore as it is today. The main aim of our work is to investigate the influence of mobile phone games on collaboration and social interaction of physically co-located players, instead of focusing on the consequences of playing digital games that are antisocial in nature. Considering the performances of the contemporary converged mobile phones, we have developed and augmented reality (AR) TeamTwixT game for mobile phones. We have evaluated the system performances, user interface performances by adopting the Fitts’ law and the usability of mobile phones for collaborative AR. The results have shown that, despite the small screen and limited input capabilities mobile phones and 3D AR technology can be used to naturally enhance collaboration of co-located players and increase their confidence in respect to other gaming conditions.


Mobile Games Augmented Reality collaborative games Human-Mobile Interaction