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Aleksandar Velichkovski and Sasho Josimovski


Cloud computing is one of the world's latest business and IT concepts. The main objective of this paper is to elaborate on the adoption of cloud computing by the Macedonian enterprises, perceived from different perspectives determined by the existing conditions on the Macedonian market. For that purpose, a survey and an analysis of the largest enterprises and key stakeholders from this market are conducted in the paper. The analysis is mainly based on the results of an online survey conducted in February 2011 among the enterprises from four knowledge and technology intensive 1 industries in the country: IT, telecommunications, banking and education. Finally, some conclusions about the existing and required conditions for adoption and application of cloud computing by the enterprises in Macedonia are drawn.


Cloud computing, survey, enterprises, Service Oriented Architecture, virtualization, Macedonian market, added business value, migration, services, Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service