Springer papers


Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska and Nenad Novkovski


High-k dielectrics are intensively studied nowadays, because of their use as gate dielectrics in MOS capacitors and especially in DRAMs, is implicated by technology roadmaps. Their electrical characterization in terms of capacitance measurements is common practice for determination of parameters, reliability behaviour and for modelling the performance of devices. In our case, for measurements we use Visual Engineering Environment Programming (VEE Pro) software, a graphical dataflow programming software environment from Agilent Technologies for automated test, measurement, data analysis and reporting. VEE Pro interface is very suitable for simultaneous and succesive measurements of different parameters, that need swiching on/off various instruments and devices involved in the measurement. The obtained data were graphicaly represented and analyzed with OriginPro 8.1, data analysis and graphing software. For calculation of the value of capacitance in accumulation C acc Kar’s method for extraction is used, and then the flatband voltage V FB and fixed oxide charge Q ox are calculated.


VEE programing capacitance measurement high-k dielectric