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Stojan Kitanov


The concepts of 4G have already been much discussed by a number of global research initiatives and at the moment are in the process of standardization. Since the 4G concepts have already moved to the standardization phase, it is time to start working on the building blocks of the Next Generation of Wireless and Mobile Networks, 5G. LTE provides high data rates that are needed for the availability of new services and mobile applications. Therefore LTE is seen as a potential technology candidate for 5G. This paper describes an LTE link level simulation, which tests the performance of an LTE link level channel. The simulator offers to carry out single-downlink, single-cell multi-user, and multi-cell multi-user simulations. The simulation results will contribute for the network optimization of LTE (and 5G in the future). Additionally, by adding new functionalities to the simulator, the researchers can create and test different network scenarios.


5G, 4G, WiFi, WiMAX (802.16), LTE, NGN (Next Generation Networks), MATLAB, simulator.