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Özge Kart , Alp Kut , Arzu Vuruskan and Ender Bulgun


Digital image processing technique is used in many application areas; whereas use of this method for body shape detection can be proposed as a new approach. 3D body scanners are used to get 3D copies of human bodies, and by using these copies measurements of human body can be extracted, which help to identify body shapes. However, body scanners are still expensive and difficult to access for everyone. In this study, a method is proposed to identify female body shapes from a 2D image taken by a conventional camera for the use of clothing industry. Front body shapes are detected with image processing by capturing photographs of human subjects. The photographs are taken with a conventional camera in home environment, and then female body shapes are categorized with the proportions of front body widths. This method is also integrated with a web based application.


Image processing, body shape, 2D image, web based application