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Igli Tafa , Ermal Beqiri , Elinda Kajo Mece , Hakik Paci and Aleksander Xhuvani


The aim of this paper is to compare the performance between three hypervisors: XEN-PV, XEN-HVM and Open-VZ. We have simulated the migration of a virtual machine by using a warning failure approach. Based on some experiments we have compared CPU Consumption, Memory Utilization, Total Migration Time and Downtime. We have also tested the hypervisor’s performance by changing the packet’s size from 1500 byte to 64 byte. From these tests we have concluded that Open-VZ has a bigger CPU Consumption than XEN-PV, but the Total Migration time is smaller than in XEN-PV. XEN-HVM has a worse performance than XEN-PV, especially regarding to downtime parameter.


Hypervisor XEN-PV XEN-HVM Open-VZ CPU Consumption Memory Utilization Downtime