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Vesna Kirandziska and Nevena Ackovska


In human-robot interaction one important problem is the problem of robot emotion perception. Today there are many category based and multi-dimensional models of emotions. Some of them have already been used in robot emotion perception. Yet there is a need for creating a model, which is mostly based on human emotion perception. Making an appropriate model of emotions from human emotion perceptions could yield to improvement in robot emotion perception, thus making it more natural. In this paper a survey about the ability of humans to perceive different emotions and different emotion categories is presented. The analysis of this survey present some information about how well can a human perceive differently represented emotions as modeled in many researches. The inside of how the presented results should be included in modeling emotions for robot emotion perception is given. The key advantage of the emotion model suggested is the fact it is mostly based on human emotion perception.


emotions, robotics, human-robot interaction