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Kostadin Mishev , Vlatko Nikolovski and Igor Mishkovski


One of the consequences of the television`s digital revolution is the large amount of unfiltered data served to the end-users. The IPTV service provides variety of available TV Programs, also different kinds of Digital Contents such as: Video on Demand, Home Box Office, radio, games. In addition, it is very difficult for the users to reach the contents of their interest among the different digital data services. The traditional implementation of the IPTV service can`t provide solution for efficient filtering of the Digital Data and Digital Services. Furthermore, it is very difficult for the users to collect quality information. For instance, the current program guide provides long lists of TV programs requiring the users to spend a great deal of time searching for information on theirs favorite TVshows or movies. This problem can be solved by implementation of a new application service for content personalized recommendations, based on the previous collected usage context data from the users. In this paper, we propose smart, personalized, commercial and social IPTV architecture that can be built on top of the current IPTV infrastructure and Social Media Networks, enabling fast implementation and integration. Moreover, we present the possible benefits and use-case scenarios for the IPTV users using the proposed architecture, as a scalable service for content recommendations and advanced data filtering based on user profiles.


Personalized IPTV; Social IPTV; Smart IPTV; Video on Demand; TV-commerce;