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Maja Ivanova and Kosta Mitreski


The Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectories (HYSPLIT) model was a result of a joint effort between NOAA and Australia's Bureau of Meteorology. The HYSPLIT model in this research is used for measuring the concentration of PM10 particles in three locations in Skopje. This model is able to simulate the concentration and trajectory of PM10, CO, O3, SO2, NO/NOx/NO2. The meteorological data that HYSPLIT model is using were taken from Ministry of environment and physical planning, Republic of Macedonia and the emission data that HYSPLIT also used are taken from Cementarnica USJE. Those measurements were taken every day, 24h per day for two months. HYSPLIT model can also be used for simulating PM10 particles in rural areas where concentration of these particles is increased.


HYSPLIT model, PM10, rural places.