Springer papers


Verica Bakeva , Vesna Dimitrova and Mile Kostadinoski


Pseudo random sequence generators (PRSG) produce sequences of elements that imitate natural random behavior and they have extensive applications in many fields like cryptography, authentication and cryptanalysis. Using quasigroup string transformations, a PRSG is introduced in [1]. Here, we propose a new design of PRSG using parastrophic quasigroup transformation defined in [2]. This generator is called Parastrophic Quasigroup Pseudo Random Sequence Generator (PQPRSG). We investigate the goodness of quasigroups of order 4 for designing of PQPRSQG using classifications given in [3] and linearity of quasigroups defined in [4]. At the end, we give experimental results about the period of the generator.


pseudo random sequence generators quasigroup quasigroup transformation parastrophe period