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In this computer era, Internet has become the integral part of our daily life. It has been used differently in different period of time. Recently, Web appli- cations like online banking, online shopping and e-learning plays a major role in everyday life. Improvements have been made in this scenario, in which the web servers depend on cloud environment for resources. Most of the organizations have realized and changed business to cloud platforms. Even though cloud com- puting is considered as an eminent technology, it has many challenges and attacks to be restrained and solved. One of the major attack in cloud and other distributed environment is Distributed Denial of Service attack, which results in serious damage. This paper focuses on preventing DDoS attacks in distributed / cloud environment by creating a framework to mitigate DDoS attacks and to provide availability of cloud resources to its users. It introduces two screening test VISUALCOM and AD-IMGCOM to prevent the attack. The result shows that our proposed framework works better and provides a healthier attack prevention rate with minimum memory and time.


Cloud Computing, Distributed Denial of Service, Mitigation, queu- ing model, Security.