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Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet have made a great progress and development in the humanity. People are aware about the advantages that information technologies give to their daily activities. Going in that direction, the Governments in many countries had started to use the Information Communication Technologies for their administrative work. The public services for citizens and organisations are beginning to work electronically in order to give more effective and efficient operating. The outcomes of these changes are: greater transparency, saving time and money, faster operating and better management. This world trend of building e-society is aim for the countries on the Balkan. In this paper we will try to make an analysis of e-Government in five neighboring countries on the Balkan Peninsula: The Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Serbia. For that purpose, we will compare the indicators for predispositions of implementing of the e-Government in these countries. In order to find the competitive advantages, we will make comparison on the influence of the ICT between these five Balkan countries. The results of this analysis, particularly, will help to the countries to decide what to improve and what to maintain for increasing the e-Government performance.


Information Communication Technologies (ICT), e-Government, Balkan countries, comparison, competitive advantages