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Projects that implement cloud/cloudlet based solutions are facing the challenge of appropriate requirement engineering. Meeting the customers’ and other stakeholders’ requirements is the key to successful software project implementation, and therefore, developing an appropriate requirements engineering system that is adapted to cloud computing is the basis for offering attractive cloud software products on the market. The central factor in the process of requirements engineering is the im- plementation of appropriate and professional requirements engineering tools. Every requirements engineering process has to include verification and validation of the software product that starts with requirements re- view, and continue through design, architecture and code review. Many development projects have failed due to errors in relation to requirements, and/or poor verification and validation techniques. In this article we examine the Requirements Engineering methods and verification techniques that are currently used for implementation of cloudlet based solutions, along with the principles of validation and their use in our cloudlet based solution.


Cloud; Cloudlet; Requirements Engineering; Validation; Verifica- tion ;