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Nowadays, majority of people as a main problem for their poor health and bad psycho-physical condition states the lack of time. Commitments, dynamic and stressful way of life lead to people being negligent of themselves. Thus, their health condition is damaged. The big problem are acute patients, but also the patients who have a chronic disease and who should take prescribed medications regularly, and who, for some reason, are prevented or have forgotten to take the prescribed dosage of the medicaments. Due to the inadequate taking of the therapy, the time for patient’s recovery is significantly prolonged or the existing problem is not relieved (with chronic patients). PersonalMedicationReminder is an Android application that downloads the prescriptions from the server of a health care institution or allows the user to insert the over-the-counter drugs (without prescription therapy). The application allows patients to create reminders and receive notifications which would inform them about the time for the next receiving of the therapy. The application downloads the prescriptions from the electronic medical record of the patient from the medical information system MEDIS.NET which is used in health institutions for primary health care in Republic of Serbia [1][2]. The problems that occurred during the application development are also shown in the paper. In the conclusion are stated the directions of the further research and improvement of the mobile application.


mHealth; Personal Medical Reminder; Health Care; Medicine reminder.