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Tome Dimovski , Daniela Koltovska , Zoran Kotevski and Aleksandar Markoski


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs) and traffic management are two of the many approaches that can improve traffic efficiency, reduce traffic con-gestion and pollution, and enhance safety. Through managing traffic flows in ur-ban transport networks, ITSs can provide a response to the today's major chal-lenges regarding the minimization of traffic congestion and its negative effects on the environment. In this research, a model of an Integrated Intelligent Decision Support System (IIDSS) for environmental traffic management in urban areas is presented. The proposed model consists of three operational layers: wireless sen-sor network layer, intelligent agent layer, and routing coordinator, while using information about traffic congestion and pollution in the decision-making pro-cess. The main objective of the proposed model is to provide a solid basis for future development of IIDSS and its implementation in urban networks that cor-respond to city areas that exhibit significant congestion and pollution problems. The system will enable travelers to move around the central city areas avoiding congested and polluted roads.


Intelligent Transport Systems Wireless Sensor Networks Intelligent Agent Traffic Congestion Air Pollution.