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Miodrag Cekikj , Suzana Loshkovska , Slobodan Kalajdziski and Antonio Antovski


As result of the progressive technological trend, huge amounts of da-ta from different subjects and areas are continuously generated and classified on a daily basis. In the past, the main problems were the preservation and publish-ing of data sets, but today, one of the main challenges is the presentation for better understanding of the data. The appropriate visual representation of a giv-en data set is the basis for a precise and consistent interpretation, analysis and adoption of empirical conclusions related to the semantic meaning of infor-mation. In this paper, we present an overview of data visualization techniques and their practical application, starting from the acquisition of an unstructured set of publicly available data, their proper preprocessing and organization, and the visual representation for the end user. The nature of the data is related to the emergence, potential and development of various types of cancer diseases officially registered in different geographical regions. We present an interactive system that implements several visualization techniques.


Data Visualization Visual Perception Cancer Disease.