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Riste Mingov , Petre Lameski and Andrea Kulakov


Air pollution and its e ect on health is a major problem in urban areas. Even though there are many solutions for air quality esti- mation based on measurements from specialized sensors, their adoption, calibration and integration is still limited. In this paper we propose a so- lution for estimating visibility based on widely accessible static cameras. The system uses a camera positioned in a static location in the city, and then maps the landmarks and their distances from the camera. A cloud- based solution for data collection, image processing and visualizing the data was used. We show the plausibility of such solution through a case study in Skopje, Macedonia. The goal of the problem is to demonstrate that an Internet-of-things solution can be implemented by adding more cameras to estimate the visibility in di erent parts of the cities, aim- ing to help in understanding how di erent factors (e.g. factories, waste disposal plants, parks, trac, heating types, etc.) a ect air quality.


Air Quality Air pollution Air visibility Image processing IoT.