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Dimitrija Angelkov and Cveta Martinovska


In the process of wine production distributed sensor networks are used for monitoring parameters that enable constant wine quality. This paper presents an ongoing project for monitoring the conditions in the wine cellar and for controlling the wine fermentation process. Temperature and humidity sensors installed in the cellar are used to provide similar conditions for the barrels in the cellar. During the process of fermentation sensors located in the barrels are used to control the level of CO 2 , alcohol and temperature. The microcontroller PIC16F877A processes information obtained from the sensors and sends it to the server via Ethernet controller ENC28J60. At this moment only the on board temperature sensor is tested and is operational. We expect that data collected in the process of the exploitation of the system will be useful for the wine producers and will contribute to better quality of wines.


Sensor networks, wine production, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, CO 2 sensor, alcohol sensor, microcontroller PIC16F877A.