Web proceedings papers


Dragi Zlatkovski , Aleksandra Mileva , Kristina Bogatinova and Igor Ampov


The ability to get real-time noti cations about unexpected changes in les or directory structure occurred by unauthorized accesses is a necessity in the defense from hackers. This paper describes the design and implementation of a new real-time le integrity monitoring system, named WebSGuard. It is a client-server system intended for Windows- based environments. Client agents are installed as system services on the watched web servers and they monitor and report in real-time, while the server application is a desktop application for managing the clients, col- lecting data from clients, reporting, and sending alerts and noti cations to system administrators. The communication between the clients and the server is secure and reliable. The existing prototype currently is used on the University Goce Delcev intranet, for monitoring university's web applications.


File integrity checkers, le integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, Windows servers.