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Jugoslav Achkoski , Vladimir Trajkovik and Metodija Dojcinovski


Intelligence, as a service has a great significance for the country. An information system for support of intelligence activities is very often in everyday use and from that use comes great influence in the decision making process. Usage of the modern information technology in big way contributes for improvement of the process (activities) which are supporting intelligence cycles (planning, collecting, analyzing and dissemination). Although there is constant improvement as a result of the progress in the area of information technology, significant difference in the quality of work in the field of intelligence has not taken place in the last ten years. Implementation of Service Oriented Architecture – SOA, i.e. the usage of SOA, is providing possibilities for making new opportunities in the form of expanded solutions for designing intelligence information systems, regarding the more efficient management of information, as well as their use by the end users for whom hum they are intended. In order to keep up with the pace with modern development, short, medium and long term planning is needed for development of information systems for supporting intelligence, in relation to the of IT development. This paper presents an idea for SOA approach in prototype of Intelligence Information System. Prototype of IIS is a solution which should offer better coordination and Intelligence effectiveness. It is a foundation for establishing integrated system for Intelligence. SOA approach in information systems is a logical solution, not only for a temporary and short term usage but it is a perspective solution for general strategy in companies and governmental institutions.


Service Oriented Architecture, Intelligence IT solutions, process optimization.