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Dimitar Bogatinov , Slavko Angelevski and Vladimir Trajkovik


The purpose of this paper is to describe our concept for implementation of Serious games in army education and training that we plan to use for the cadets from the Macedonian military academy (MA). In the bigining of the paper there is a short illustration of the relationship between efficiency and effectiveness of game based training from top rated research papers. There is a short rewiev about the Serious game that we use - Virtual battle space 2 (VBS2), and its oportunities for: training small tactical teams (usually up to company level) in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and for the refinement of team drills and Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs). This paper major focus is to present our concept for organization of VBS2 training center, and an example mission describing possible ways of implementation in virtual environment training.


VBS2, Simulations, Education, Tactics, Training.