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Renata Petrevska Neckoska and Gjorgji Manceski


The e-Learning concept is a foreseeable tendency in many environments nowadays, with differences in the stage of e-Learning utilization and usage, as well as the paradigm shift that comes with it. In its varieties, it offers fruitful soil for developing systems such as distance and hybrid learning, as well as initiatives such as life-long learning and non-traditional learner education. We are proposing a model of Faculty certification program that trains non-traditional learners with various backgrounds for a specific skill set, needed by working professionals, delivered on demand, at the workplace, with obtained set of competences effective proximately after completion. The model is learner-oriented and specific-skill-set-oriented. It combines the relatedtheoretical backgrounds of several faculty subjects along with practical exercises of what needs to be learned. The example skill set would be Financial Risk Analysis for an Entrepreneur, with brief elaboration of the benefits for the stakeholders in the process.


Distance learning, e-Learning, e-Learning utilization, Faculty certification program, Non-Traditional learner, Working professional, Life-long learning, Education, Learner-oriented, Set of competences, Financial Risk Analysis, Entrepreneur