Sanja Stefanova , Marina Ivanova , Igor Stojanovik and Zoran Zdravev


This paper represents research related to the climate and climate changes in Macedonia and worldwide. The paper described climate events in the past and today, emphasizing the efforts of researchers and institutions dealing with such climatic changes and disasters. Macedonia, as a developing country has not yet achieved significant results related to the climate, so this study actually represents the introduction and integration of new tools and services in Macedonia which are used by worldwide institutions for research, prediction and reduction of those change. The key points in our research are: to review the available applications and explain the process and methods with which the data will be edited, stored, standardized, multimedia displayed and published. Our main goal is to describe the services and tools to standardize data from surveys and use all opportunities that can be use by these organizations. The creation of such a work in environment, improves the climate picture in Macedonia, and will be driving force of climate researchers and institutions.


Climate, Change, Climate organizations, Geoss, Biodiversity, European Union, Applications, Standardization, mapping.