Dijana Capeska Bogatinoska , Aleksandar Karadimce and Aneta Velkoska


Understanding probability and statistics is essential in the modern world, where the print and electronic media are full of statistical information and interpretation. The probability and statistics lessons should provide to the students the ability to collect, organize and analyze numerical data, and to understand chance. Appropriate use of technology allows more students access to mathematical concepts in general and also to access statistical concepts. A number of software tools are available for solving and visualization of mathematical problems. GeoGebra, as dynamic mathematics open-source software, is attracting a lot of interest in the mathematical community. Spreadsheet, which enable statistics calculations, and probability calculator are features of GeoGebra that is not found in other dynamic mathematics software. In this paper, using GeoGebra will be created instructional materials that will solve several practical problems from the area of probability and statistics. Use of GeoGebra applets had a positive effect on the understanding and knowledge of the students.


GeoGebra, e-learning, probability, statistics