Vigan Raca and Betim Cico


Analysis of telecommunication systems of particular network generation, is a wide area that includes various mechanisms for research. Achieving coverage is one of the main objectives that affects network quality and directly the customer. The main reason of this analysis is to offer services for customers regardless their location. Coverage structure is organized by the cells that are created through the sectors that are located in the base stations (BTS). The different frequency bands enables the achievement of higher efficiency coverage. By increasing coverage various problems become present including monitoring and system maintenance. The WiMAX 3G system and combined services, voice and data, offers a good solution that is part of the future. As any system that requires financial justification, WiMAX has its own specific system unless services that offers it increase economic welfare. Finally part of this paper are obstacles faced through the phase of coverage; weaknesses that affect the system performance; opportunities and ideas for further development and advancement of mobile telecommunication technologies.


Wireless, Coverage, Network, Systems.