Blagoja Samakoski , Svetlana Risteska , Biljana Kostadinoska and Ekaterina Sinadinova


In this paper are presented all of the technologies used for research at the Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics (IACR). Focus is put on the automated fiber placement (AFP) technology and the equipment used to perform this technology. Analysis presented, refer to possible mistakes in the final product, composite part intended to be a primary structure of an airplane, due to the inability to know the influence of the compacting roller, or the characteristics of the prepreg on the occurrence of micro voids in the laminate of the part produced. As a response to this acknowledgement, preliminary research is done at IACR where ultrasonic sensor is used for nondestructive testing (NDT) in composite materials. This preliminary research has shown that it should be further inspected whether ultrasonic sensor following the compacting roller, could improve the impacting process and diminish the number of voids in the final product.


IACR, Mikrosam, automated fiber placement (AFP), filament winding (FW), prepreg making, composites, voids (pores), NDT, ultrasonic sensorl