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Ivan Kitanovski , Katarina Trojacanec , Ivica Dimitrovski and Suzana Loshkovska


Medical image retrieval is one of the crucial tasks in everyday medical practices. This paper investigates three forms of medical image retrieval: text, visual and multimodal retrieval. We investigate by evaluating different weighting models for text retrieval. In the case of the visual retrieval, we focused on extracting low-level features and examining their performance. For, the multimodal retrieval we used late fusion to combine the best text and visual results. We found that the choice of weighting model for text retrieval dramatically influences the outcome of the multimodal retrieval. The results from the text and visual retrieval are fused using linear combination, which is among the simplest and most frequently used methods. Our results clearly show that the fusion of text and visual retrieval with an appropriate fusion technique improves the retrieval performance.


Information Retrieval Medical Imaging Content-based Image Retrieval Medical Image Retrieval