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Marko Meza , Jurij F. Tasic and Urban Burnik


Partners FE, KROG and ZTM (alphabetical order) as stated in acknowledgemetns, have developed, manufactured and installed a telemedical system into the blood transfusion service of Slovenia. The system was installed in eleven hospitals, offering blood transfusion services and two blood transfusion centers. The system was in use for nearly seven years. After period of operation, system state snapshot was performed and analyzed. The analysis was focused on per hospital usage preferences through time. Distribution of patients ABO RhD blood typing was also analyzed. In the paper the telemedical system is presented. The method of data collection and data analysis methods are described. The final section presents results accompanied with discussion where economical impact of the telemedical system in comparison to the manual operation is briefly presented.


telemedicine blood transfusion teleconsulting telemedical system blood typing pre-transfusion testing economical impact of telemedicine usage analysis