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Håkon Jacobsen , Simona Samardjiska and Danilo Gligoroski


In this paper we describe a methodology for identifying strong and weak keys in the recently introduced multivariate public-key signature scheme MQQ-SIG. We have conducted a large number of experiments based on Gröbner basis attacks, in order to classify the various parameters that determine the keys in MQQ-SIG. Our findings show that there are big differences in the importance of these parameters. The methodology consists of a classification of different parameters in the scheme, together with introduction of concrete criteria on which keys to avoid and which to use. Finally, we propose an enhanced key generation algorithm for MQQ-SIG that generates stronger keys and will be more efficient than the original key generation method.


Multivariate Cryptography Multivariate Quadratic Quasigroups MQQ-SIG Quasigroup String Transformations Public-Key Cryptography