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Georgina Mirceva and Andrea Kulakov


The understanding of the relation between the protein structure and protein functions is one of the main research topics in bioinformatics nowadays. Due to the complexity of the methods for determining protein functions, there are many proteins with unknown functions. Hence, many researchers investigate various computational methods for determining protein functions. We focus on investigating methods for predicting the protein binding sites, and afterwards their characteristics could be used for annotating protein structures. In order to overcome the problem of sensitivity on data changes, we already introduced the fuzzy theory for protein biding sites prediction. In this paper we introduce an approach for detecting protein binding sites using a top-down induction of fuzzy pattern trees. This approach outperforms the existing bottom-up approach for inducing fuzzy pattern trees, and also most of the examined approaches which are based on classical classification algorithms.


Protein function Protein binding sites Fuzzy pattern trees (FPTs) Top-down BIND database