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Bojana Koteska and Goran Velinov


Inability to use standard software reusability metrics when measuring component reusability makes the choice of reusability metric a challenging problem in software engineering. In this paper, we give a critical review on the existing component reusability metrics and we suggest new attributes to be included as additional conditions when evaluating component reusability. Due to the incompleteness of already proposed metrics and the lack of a universally accepted and transparent model for measuring reusability, we define a unified model that could be adapted to different reusability requirements and various component solutions. In order to improve the process of measuring component reusability we create a prototype for modeling and combining metrics where reusability can be calculated using the existing or newly composed formulas. This prototype will facilitate the process of testing the component reusability and it will allow users easily to select the right component to be integrated in their system.


Component-Based Development Reusability Model Reusability Metrics