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Ina Papadhopulli and Betim Cico


Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is one of the most commonly used signal transformations. This transformation uses wavelets as filters, resulting in a frequency-time-amplitude dependence of the signal. Analyzing the obtained high frequency coefficients gives the possibility to remove the noise from the signal. In this paper to achieve noise removal from the images we perform 3D-DWT (1D-DWT in three directions) using the biorthogonal Daubechies (9/7) filters. Due to their symmetry this filters are more suitable for image transformation. To reduce the number of multiply and accumulate resulting during signal filtering the Distributed Arithmetic (DA) technique is used taking advantage of the symmetry of the 9/7 filters. VHDL is used as the hardware description language and some modules are programmed in MATLAB. The implementation is mapped in FPGA Virtex-5 XUPV5-LX110T platform.


3D-DWT wavelet Daubechies 9/7 filter Distributed Arithmetic