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Tome Dimovski and Pece Mitrevski


Mobile embedded systems increasingly use transactions for applications like mobile inventory, mobile commerce or commercial applications. Yet, many issues are challenging and need to be resolved before enabling mobile devices to take part in distributed computing. Mobile environment limitations make it harder to design appropriate and efficient commit protocols. There are a handful of protocols for transaction execution in distributed mobile environment, but almost all consider a limited number of communication models. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of a Connection Fault-Tolerant Model, comparing the results in several deferent scenarios, as well as its contribution to the overall mobile transaction commit rate. Our simulation-based performance analysis determines the impact of (i) ad-hoc communication between mobile hosts and (ii) the implementation of a decision algorithm, to the mobile transaction commit rate. We also determine the connection timeout values that contribute the most for a high ad-hoc communication impact on mobile transaction commit rate.


Distributed mobile transactions, ad-hoc communication, Decision Algorithm