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Hrachya Astsatryan , Wahi Narsisian , Vardan Ghazaryan , Albert Saribekyan , Shushanik Asmaryan , Vahagn Muradyan , Nicolas Ray , Gregory Giuliani and Yannis Guigoz


Armenia as a developing country has a very severe need to integrate and collaborate with the international Geospatial community in order to build a reliable and efficient geospatial infrastructure. Moreover, the availability of such an infrastructure could foster the availability of geospatial data, could facilitate the development of a data sharing policy at national level, and could help to efficiently provide Armenian data to the local and international communities. The goal of the article is to introduce the proposed integrated Geospatial infrastructure that is composed of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, tools, services, geocomputational facilities and benchmarking results of some services. The infrastructure will be discussed in the context of hydrological modeling in Armenia.


SDI, geospatial data, interoperability, distributed computing, Lake Sevan, SWAT, hydrological model