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Nevena Ackovska , Magdalena Kostoska and Marjan Gjuroski


This paper is an introduction to the world of deaf and hard of hearing people and their everyday challenges (and opportunities) with technology and computer interaction. The requirements of this focus group in human-computer interaction and the currently available computers tools and technologies in the world, and especially Macedonia will be discussed. An overview of the present research directions and the possibilities of the visualization and 3D technology for this target group will be stated. In this paper the Sign Language Tutor - sign language interactive e-learning platform will be presented. It represents a collection of modules and games dedicated to ease the learning of the Macedonian Sign Language (MSL), but also to improve the mental and memory capabilities, especially of the younger part of our target group - the deaf children. The central part of this project is 3D simulation - given a 3D model of a girl the subject should sign a chosen letter or object. Computer games to assist with the learning are used: one is a 2D adventure where the hero fights monsters and collects items as rewards - sign of the collected object, the other is memory where the subject should connect a card with a sign of the letter. The platform is built using the Microsoft XNA technology.


deaf, hard of hearing, sign language, children, tutorial, humancomputer interaction