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Marija Alagjozovska , Zlatko Andonovski and Vladimir Trajkovik


The biggest challenge in mobile computing is introducing new type of application that has the ability of adapting and exploiting the changing environment. In this paper, a smart phone context-aware crowd-sourcing application SMART ADVENTURE will be presented, offering users context aware services. The main application contexts are location, time and phone orientation. According to users' location, previous usage and current date, application generates information about activities and possible threats. Congruent with the phone orientation, application displays different screen. Motivation for developing this kind of an application lies in constant trend for improving human health by doing different kind of open-air activities. At the same time, the proposed solution represents a high level tourist guide. The main contribution of our work is providing proof of concept of how crowdsourcing can influence few different domains (health, ecology, human culture). The proposed solution is service oriented, implemented in android environment.


Crowd-sourcing, collaboration, mobile applications, geo mapping