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Arsim Fidani


The launch of 3G networks in Macedonia opened up a new revenue opportunity in mobile broadband offerings. Although the importance of 3G mobile value-added services (MVAS), it is surprising that Macedonia's society show little interest towards them. Based on extant literature, the factors which are observed as more influential in the 3G MVAS adoption, together with the factors derived from previously proposed models on technology adoption, such as technology acceptance model and Innovation Diffusion Theory (TAM, IDT), constitute the research model of this study.The results reveal that the total effect of the factors that influence the behavioral intention of Macedonian consumers to use 3G MVAS is ranked as follows: Compatibility, Perceived Enjoyment, Self - Efficacy, Perceived Cost, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness and Attitude. The results give telecom service providers in Macedonia an insight on the behavioral intention criteria of their customers, suggesting them to focus on educating their consumers about the offered services, foster the expansion of their 3G network coverage and also introduce new versatile and entertaining services which are easy to use in order to attract new customers and also to retain the old ones.


3G, mobile, value-added, services, Macedonia