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Sucheta Chakrabarti , Saibal K. Pal and Sugata Gangopadhyay


The Crypto-community is always in search of new strong crypto-primitives to handle the present security threats and for providing efficient secure digital communication. One of the main goals of the cryptographer is to make an encryption scheme computationally fast with optimized use of memory and high cryptographic complexity. In this direction n-quasigroups (n = 2, 3) are considered as a class of new strong crypto-primitives. In this paper we propose an improved version of 3- quasigroup based encryption scheme given by Petrescu. Here we only consider reducible 3-quasigroup as the seed. It is randomly generated based on a secret key. The process of deriving different 3-ary operations for construction of reducible 3-quasigroups is described together with some related issues. We also present experimental results on 4-order reducible 3-quasigroups which are generated to find the different cases suitable for cryptographic applications.


Quasigroup, quasi algebra, reducible 3-quasigroup, isotopy, order of quasigroup, encryption, decryption, stream cipher