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Ilina Kareva , Jovan Kostovski and Andrea Kulakov


The goal of the research described in this article was to determine the possibilities of using the widely spread every day used smartphones to motivate physical activity among the youngest users. Another aim was to find out to which degree these devices and applications can replace the expensive exergaming equipment offered on the market. Three prototype applications were developed and tested with the target group. The applications can be used indoor and outdoor, they offer mental training and the possibility of user generated content which makes them highly customizable to the user's needs and ages. The applications are entertaining, educational and at the same time motivate physical activity. Applications were tested in a kinder-garden with a group of 30 children at the age of 5 and 75 primary school students at the age of 10-11 and they were well accepted by both groups. Teachers and parents present during the testing found the applications very helpful for educational purposes as well as for motivating physical activities and activities that can be used in the free-time. The principal conclusion was that the smart phones with these applications are decent replacement for the expensive equipment offered for edutainment and exergaming. On the other hand, the possibility to create new levels boosts the involved parties' (both parents and children) creativity.


mobile development, physical activity, exergaming, edutainment