Web proceedings papers


Darko Bozinoski and Solza Grceva


World Organizations all around provide access to variety sets of different data listing available datasets, tables, reports, and other resources making it available for the wider audience. A smart interface is needed to use, combine and present relevant information that will provide the best usability of the opened data. Developing a single solution that will work across different sectors using the opened data from those World Organizations will have a great impact on different sectors in the future, especially in education. Our solution WORLD (WORLD RANDOM LINKED DATA) that was awarded by the World Bank in 2011 is a cross-sector prototype of a web based service which provides information using the open data of the World Bank and generates random information in the form of sentences with a combination of pictures, videos and maps. Using the World Bank database as well as the United Nations Human Development Index, the service generates intelligent and relevant information, adapting to different sectors, like education, agriculture, poverty, etc. The current solution was tested among the students in one of its practical implementation of this web service: the Moodle e-learning system. It is a Moodle block that uses the data from the web service from areas that are within the scope of Millennium Development Goals. Analyzing the negative and positive aspects of the WORLD Block we've come to the conclusion that this solution presents a good approach for displaying a lot of new information from different areas of interest in a small section. Further development will include refining of the structure in the Block, expanding the media types of generated data from the web service like games, flash, custom maps etc. The final goal is to make a generator of intelligent information that will: personalize the information, a service fully adaptable to different sectors, provide valuable information and positive user experience, be used by any web application and provide efficiency and effectiveness in gathering and presenting the information using the open databases.


open data, web service, web interactivity, World Bank open data