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Tomas Vodlan and Andrej Kosir


We present a novel communication and evaluation scenario for user interaction with a communication device (television). To improve user experience with communication services, we merge three domains: social signal processing, human action recognition and human-computer interaction. Our scenario includes applied and theoretical solutions about user interaction with a communication device. We declared the atom actions, which are represented by unique hand gestures and replace functions on the remote controller. On the other hand, we include some social signals like agreement and disagreement, which can represent a user's reaction to currently played content. The advantage of our solution is the hierarchical communication scenario that allows the user to quit the procedure at any step. On the other hand, the computation time of low-level features within a recognition step represents the biggest drawback. The use of our method allows the user to control the communication device using hand gestures. Likewise, the use of social signals in interaction can improves the user experience with the communication device.


social signal processing, human action recognition, humancomputer interaction, communication scenario