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Smilka Janeska-Sarkanjac


This comparative analysis of the government ICT projects of Macedonia, Estonia and Slovenia faces and compares the projects in the three countries. All three countries have similar size, similar historical and socioeconomic background, but Estonia and Slovenia are significantly ahead in thedevelopment of information society and in economic development in comparison to Macedonia. Our thesis is that part of this successful economic development is due to the government initiative and decisions regarding the choice and implementation of ICT projects (infrastructural and e-government). We have found six crucial preconditions for development of ICT that have tangible impact on economic growth: government is the leader in introducing information society; government is early adopter of ICT; government is proactive; government recognizes ICT as growth tool; government provides the funding; government provides quality project management.


ICT for development, ICT application, ICT projects, public sector, Macedonia, Estonia, Slovenia