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Mimoza Anastoska-Jankulovska , Jove Jankulovski and Pece Mitrevski


Rapid development of technology is opening new perspectives for business, entertainment, and education. Learning with the help of technology is providing new opportunities for learners. E-learning is grasping with big steps into diverse areas engaging more and more different methods and activities. Lot of developments and lot of experiences are present in the field of e-learning everywhere in the world. One of the important features of technology is allowing access to unprivileged, either with permanent or temporary disability. Using technology to make everything more inclusive has become important issue in developed countries. The focus of any new development is to be accessible to as wider audience as possible. How accessibility affects e-learning? This paper intends to review current experiences in the field of e-learning with the focus on accessibility. It will present basic accessibility guidelines and will reflect on how learners with special needs can access e-learning environment.


e-learning, accessibility, inclusivity