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Bisera Dugalic and Anastas Mishev


The purpose of this paper is to identify and compare some of the bet-ter practices available in the process of retrieving components. The constant in-creasing of the number of components that are presented on the market and the difficulties in finding and recognizing the right component to match with the requirements of the user have made these methods very important for getting the right result. The number of available components has considerably in-creased as a result to the fact that component-based software engineering is an area with constant progress and growth and now it also has a huge expansion in production of components from many different vendors and not just from an in-house component library. This progress also implies the development of component retrieval methods with different approach to the process of retrieving. In this paper, there will be a review on some of the most interesting current component retrieval methods that can be classified into three categories (components presented as documents, methods that use structural information, and case-based reasoning methods) according to the approach they use.


components, techniques, methods, CCRM,, component retrieval, conversational component retrieval method, free-text-bas- ed documents, XML retrieval, pre-enumerated vocabulary method, signature matching method