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Aleksandar Karadimce


E-Learning is a process where we use the electronic medium to access the defined set of multimedia learning objects (text, video, images, audio, animation and etc.). It's widespread in academic and corporate world faced challenge to provide intuitive, customized and intelligent delivery of this E-learning content. Semantic web represents a potential technology for realizing this benefit in the process of E-Learning. This requires constructing a specification of conceptualization composed from classes, objects, process, and other entities, which is simply named ontology. Therefore, today we can find different complex ontologies for the domain of E-learning and there is a necessity for high-quality E-learning semantic web ontology. In this paper, we propose quality evaluation for E-learning domain ontology, based on its technical and complexity-related characteristics.


E-Learning, Semantic web, Ontology, quality estimation, Protégé.