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Goran Devedzic


Scientific and engineering fields of Bioengineering (BE) and Medical (Health) Informatics (MI) are recognized as two key challenges within essential research and innovation strategies in EU and other leading regions and countries worldwide. Many universities are redesigning existing or developing new study programs to provide education and training for tomorrow’s biomedical engineers, physicians, and researchers. European Commission is responding to the evident needs by promoting actions through the variety of scientific (e.g. Framework Program and Horizon 2020) and educational (e.g. Tempus, Erasmus, etc.) strategies. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) granted regional Tempus project “Studies in Bioengineering and Medical Informatics - BioEMIS” aiming at introducing dedicated study programs at Western Balkan countries, namely Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The following, state of the art analysis of European study programs in BE and MI provides basic guidelines for creating new curricula.


Bioengineering; Medical (Health) Informatics; Study Programs; Western Balkan